The Digital Gallery Walk

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to use the iPad as a tool to collect assessment data
  • How to leverage technologies like Airdrop, AirPlay and Apple TV
  • Some ideas on how student work can be shared to facilitate feedback
  • Gather some ideas on how students can post work on digital platforms, or teachers can post them on behalf of the class (this is investigated in more detail in the Advanced sessions)

Session Materials

Learning Goal:

To learn how to use Explain Everything as:

    • a digital gallery walk
    • an assessment tool
    • a tool students can use to present and demonstrate thinking/learning


Which one does not belong?




More Digital Gallery Walk Ideas:

  • groups of students can display their thinking using AirPlay
  • assign a recorder for each group to gather the groups thinking – record from beginning to end OR record the final explanation – then leave the iPad at the table so that other groups can replay and listen to that thinking
  • if there’s no time for a Reflect and Connect, then students can AirDrop to the teacher’s iPad to view at a later time/date
  • if there’s a class blog, the teacher (or students) can upload all the videos for students to watch and comment at a later time (ie. for homework)
  • groups could swap iPads, watch the video of another group, create another page and make comments/ask questions for peer assessment

Call to Action:

What additional support might you need to do this in your classroom?
What questions do you still have?